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Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

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Go Kart Brakes

Installing a Go Kart Brake

These figures will examine several ways to install a brake on a go kart. There are various types of go kart brakes. Suffice to say, anything but a scrub brake is adequate.

Single Go Kart Brake

By far the easiest way to accomplish adding a brake is using a band brake assembly as shown in fig. 1. Many shops will sell this assembly as a complete kit for convenience.

Brake Mounting and Assembly

The front band attaches to the frame on a small post which is welded to the frame. In fig. 2 you can see the post that is welded to the frame. Slide the band over this post, secure, and then slide the sprocket/brake drum assembly into place.

We used a sheathed cable for our brake cable. You may also use a brake rod similar to the throttle rod we used for the throttle, (below). Cables will often rust over time, but are easier to route through the kart.

A tab was welded to the frame, and a hole was drilled through (fig. 2) to help route the cable and keep it properly aligned. The free end of the cable is secured to the pedal with a wire nut, shown in fig. 3.

Brake and Throttle Pedals

Pedals may be purchased from parts houses, or fabricated yourself. We elected to make our own (figs. 3-4). This was accomplished by welding 3/4" x 1/8" flat stock to 1.5" x 1/8" stock.

The pedals are attached to the frame using bolts. Ensure you use locking nuts, Locktite, or some other method to secure the hardware.

Throttle Assembly

Your specific throttle assembly may not work with these plans depending on your engine, and whether you're running a governor. Refer to your manufacturer for specific information on attaching the throttle.

Since we'd used a cable for the brake, we decided to use a rod for the throttle to give you an example of rods.

The rod was attached to the pedal as shown in fig. 4. The rod then runs along the floor pan of the kart to behind the seat. Fig. 5 shows where the thottle rod connects to the throttle cable. The cable will then attach to the engine's throttle mechanism.

You can see the return spring in the photo. Ensure you use a quality spring and attach this system securely.

Double Go Kart Brake

If you're looking for a two-brake setup, figures 6-9 show a way to install dual band brakes. In our opinion you probably don't need two unless you'll be doing some very fast racing, heavy off-roading, etc. One brake is generally sufficient.