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Drive Sprocket

2-Pc. Split Rim, Hub, 60T Sprocket Wheel Assembly — 10.5in. O.D.

Assembled Combo

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Go Kart Drive Sprocket Choices

A chain and sprocket is a good and popular choice for the drive assembly, as they will wear better than a pulley system, are simple to install, and inexpensive.

Sprocket Sizing

Sprockets are sized by the chain pitch and the number of teeth. The more teeth, the larger the sprocket is. The larger the sprocket, the better your low-end power will be. The smaller the sprocket, the better your top-end speed will be.

However, small sprockets really punish the already weak low-end torque of the kart. For this reason some use torque converters. If you expect great performance from a smaller engine, they are a must.

Gear Ratios and Speed

The gear ratio is the ratio between the engine sprocket (little one) and the drive sprocket (big one). The ratio helps understand your top end and your bottom end. We'll publish detailed charts as time allows.

The most commonly used sprocket is likely the #35 pitch 60 tooth, though we'll have to take a poll to find out for sure. It is the only size we've ever used.

Single Wheel Drive Assembly

For a single wheel drive, the sprocket can mount directly to the wheel so that there are no moving axle parts.

Most parts dealers sell complete drive wheel assemblies in 4", 5", and 6" that have the rear wheel, sprocket, and brake. Since you won't need to match bolt hole patterns for independently purchased pieces these combinations save you money and headaches.