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Centrifugal Clutch

Torque Converter

Clutching The Power

Centrifugal Clutches and Torque Converters

You'll need a way to transmit the engine's power to your drive wheel, and that way is usually the centrifugal clutch. Your other option is a high performance, high-price torque converters.

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Centrifugal Clutch

A centrifugal clutch is a very simple mechanism. There is the clutch housing, which is the outer part of the clutch that's visible. Attached is a sprocket. These come in a variety of tooth patterns, commonly between 10 and 12.

Inside the clutch housing there is the actual centrifugal clutch. When the engine shaft spins, the clutch expands based on the centrifugal forces. When it spins fast enough, the shoes "lock up" with the outer housing via friction. When locked up, the engine's force is transferred to the sprocket and chain.

The clutch allows the sprocket to be disengaged at idle, which allows you to idle without moving!

Never, never run the engine if the clutch housing is removed, as the clutch will fly apart. Also be careful not to remove lock pins that hold the clutch together, as they are nearly impossible to get back together.

Torque Converter

Comet's torque converters allow you to get a lot more power from your engine. They are basically an automatic transmission for your project.

The design allows automatic infinite variation and smooth shifting action. The belt and two pulleys work together, changing in relation to the kart speed. The change in size changes the gear ratio. Therefore, at low speed, the converter automatically is in "low gear" which means more torque and power. At higher speed the pulleys change so that there is a lower gear ratio, meaning more speed.

The weatherproof system is completely mechanical and can be mounted in any position.

You can use a torque converter on a go kart or a mini bike. At around $180, they aren't cheap, but they will allow you to go faster, or climb hills offroad. So, consider saving your money on a 10 HP engine and getting a torque converter for a 5.5!