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Go Kart Custom Exhaust Ideas

The function of the exhaust system is to get the outgoing gases away from the motor as quickly as possible. The more efficiently the exhaust exits, the better the motor will perform. A muffler serves to quiet the exhaust gases, yet doing this constricts the outgoing gases.

An open pipes exhaust would be very efficient for the engine, and improve the output the most. Even so, most people prefer some amount of a muffler as open pipes are very loud.

Go Kart Custom Exhaust

You can make your own pipes, or customize an off the shelf solution to make it more efficient.

Small engines are threaded at the exhaust port, and some also have holes for a flange-mounted exhaust. The thread pattern is the same as a standard pipe thread — meaning you can weld up a custom header / muffler.

Remember that you want high-flow, and bends and restrictions lessen the flow. Since the screw-in type exhaust must screw into the exhaust hole, it restricts the flow a little more than a flange type. If you don't have mounting holes, it may be possible to drill and tap them. Ask a engine dealer for their recommendation for your model.

Lawn mower supply shops sell various mufflers as well. Ask for their high-flow muffler to replace a low-flow.

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