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Sprockets For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

Best Choice For Sprockets on Mini Bikes, Mini Choppers

There are a few main sprocket choices. The 60 is the standard. The 72 will give you more low end power. Anything smaller than 60 isn't reasonable without a lot of HP or a jackshaft.

Sprockets are made to mount to the standard size hubs with a 2 13/16 bolt circle, or a larger 4" ATV style bolt circle.

Some sprockets, such as the 72 tooth at left have an integral brake drum. This is a cool innovation, but you may not want to run a 72 tooth sprocket, so shop around.

A jackshaft is used as a go between the engine clutch and the final sprocket. The jackshaft usually increases the gear ratio for more power and less speed, however it could do just the opposite, depending on the installation.