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Types of Engines

Go Kart Engines Types With Examples

This is a page about the different engines you may encounter.

Both engines had air-vane style governors, but we removed them immediately after we got them, since they were old and messing with governors is often a lot of trouble.

The first is a small-tank set up. It uses a very simple carb. The gas is drawn directly from one tube. There is no bowl or float.

There's one needle valve for the mixture adjustment.

The second engine displayed is also a 3 HP, but has a larger tank and slightly more advanced carb. There are two down tubes on the carb. One draws gas from the tank and deposits it in the smaller bowl that's integrated into the tank. This allows the second tube to always have a constant level of gas to pull from, whereas the first example, when on a sharp incline with low fuel may suck air.

This example has a screw in the back, but it doesn't do anything. The forward screw is the needle valve.

Share Your Photos

If you have photos and descriptions of more engines, please share! We want to show all kinds of engines people use for their projects.