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Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

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Free Go Kart Plans

These are completely free go kart plans — we are not in the business of selling plans and information.

We do not publish "by-the-numbers" CAD plans; we hope that you'll find your personal design from our road map. The only limiting factor to your designs is yourself — if you can dream it, you can build it.

Materials for karts are varied. See the fabrication tips section for information on materials, bending, cutting, and more.

Want to calculate your go kart speed?

Go Kart Parts

When you're ready to buy, we've found that Northern Tool generally has the lowest prices on most parts. Click on go karts, then go kart accessories.


As you should know, welding can be hazardous, and we encourage you to review our welding tips.

Ensuring that your welds are good is very important. If you're not an accomplished weldor have someone inspect them or have an accomplished weldor help you with the project.

Go karts are machines with lots of moving parts, and are dangerous. Please read our safety information, use common sense, and be safe.