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Chopped Up and Fast

Mini Chopper Plans and How To Build Info

This section is for our mini chopper information. Thus far, we've completed the build of a small chopper, and plan to make a larger chopper in the future. If you have build or design photos you'd like to share, please email us!

Our new chopper is probably small enough to be considered a "pocket chopper", for what that's worth.

We used a 3 HP B&S engine for the project. It is plenty of power for such a small bike. The frame was made from 3/4" pipe, bent with a Harbor Freight hydraulic pipe bender.

Chopper Parts

Our parts section has many of the general parts involved with building plans. And when you're ready to buy, there are many suppliers, but we've found that Northern Tool has some of the best prices around.

Want to calculate your mini chopper speed?