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DIY Go Karts

Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

Where to Get Your Parts

Online Parts Sources

Parts sources range from the junkyard to the internet.

Local Sources

Check your phone book for your local lawn mower supply. Often they will stock various go kart parts for the DIY set.

Motorcycle shops are now selling commercially made karts, and they sell parts, but generally only for the brand of kart they sell. Unfortunately, some of these parts are very expensive, and in either case that brand might not fit your parts.

Mail Order

The best prices will no doubt be found on the internet. We've used NorthernTool.com with a lot of success. Lightning fast shipping, and almost always the cheapest price.

There are plenty of other sites out there that sell go kart parts. Below are some of the most prevalent we've found. If you know of a parts house we're leaving off, please let us know.

Northern Tools - Great selection and cheap shipping..

BMI Karts - Use their left hand menu to find all the parts. They're friendly, and have tons of custom parts.

MFG Supply - Aka gokartparts.com.

Go Kart Galaxy - Sells Azusa brand parts.