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Though it will never challenge a bigger mini bike, this home made pocket bike will buzz you around for next to nothing, and is a ton of fun.

pocket bikeThis model uses a 3/4 hp engine, and with the 20 to 1 gearing will probably hit around 11 MPH. That's more than plenty considering how small the rig is, and it will get you where you're going quick enough - around the neighborhood's back trails, to a fishing camp... Wherever! Modify it for street use (check local laws) and you'll have a sweet ride to get to class or the corner store.

The beauty of the bike is the practicality of its size. It's small, but comfortable. Excellent for gas efficient travel to and from anywhere, and there's never a parking problem. Just chain it to a parking meter or telephone pole.

Keep in mind that this vehicle is designed basically for backyard (on your property) fun. From these plans there are no brakes, lights or horn. If you want to ride on the street legally, you need to check your local laws. Take the construction drawings to your local Motor Vehicle Bureau and check out state requirements for licensing. License plates and insurance are likely both are necessary if you would like to use this bike in traffic.