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Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

Putting it All Together

Final Design Schematic for Pocket Bike Plans

The seat on the bike shown was bought ready-made and fastened to the frame with four screws turned up through the metal bike-frame into its wooden base. The throttle control (and the cable) were fabricated from a bicycle hand-brake control.

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Remember that this design doesn't show a brake installation — however installing one is a necessity in our opinion. Customize to your liking, these plans are just the framework for your our DIY design!

Mount the gas tank on the frame stiffener—the piece of 1/2". flatiron across the frame just behind the seat Use two 3-1/2". stainless steel hose clamps to hold it secure.

With the bike fully assembled, use a file and emery cloth to smooth all brazed parts before painting. Then prime and paint!