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Chromed Parts

Adding Chrome Makes Your Project Professional Looking

After you're done with the build, and you've painted, you can still dress up your kart or chopper with some well placed chrome. Luckily there's a lot of choices available.

What Kind of Parts Are There?

All kinds! For go kart chrome, the absolute easiest and best way to dress up the go kart is with the products on the right.

Chromed racing wheels (well, they're aluminum, but they're shiny!) look sharp on your project. And the mag-style of the wheels have a nice look as well.

A chromed racing style steering wheel is another easy choice. The shiny metal is wrapped in a soft rubber grip.

In addition to this small sample, there are lots and lots of products offered from different retailers.

Where Do I Get The Parts?

Different parts houses will offer different selections of material.

We suggest you check our parts sources page and see what each business has to offer. BMI has had a lot of good products in the past.