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Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

How to Paint Your Project

A Good Looking Paint Job is Easy

Painting a go kart can be a big problem. The frames are large and bulky. They're just not easy to deal with. And even painting a mini chopper isn't cake. These tips will help make paint no problem.

Select your finish.

We like the "hammered finish" line of paint by Rustoleum. They look great and have a texture that looks like worked metal, which will hide minor imperfections in the metal. They come in a variety of colors.

Paint In An Open Area

Your paint area needs some air-flow, otherwise the fumes will build up and you'll get sick. However, you do not want to paint where it's too windy, where there is dust and debris blowing, or in direct sunlight. Additionally, spray paint is notorious for "over-spray", meaning if you paint your go kart next to your car, your car will get spray paint on it. Be aware of your surroundings.

How To Paint Both Sides

When you flip the frame, you're going to risk damaging the paint. You can do one of two things. On solution is to paint the bottom first, so that if you damage the bottom when you flip it won't be a huge problem. The other is to hang the frame from a rope. You'll be able to paint everywhere except around the rope. Don't try to paint anywhere near the rope when it's hanging. That way you can feather in the paint after you let the frame dry and take it down from the rope. Hang it by the back of the frame to give yourself a little more leeway on getting the area perfect.

Follow The Instructions

Many spray paints dictate that you can make a repeat coat within a short amount of time, but if you wait too long then you'll need to let the coat dry completely before adding another. For best results, read that label, even if you think you know what you're doing.

Use a Primer Coat

Primer is cheaper than your finish coat. By building up a layer of primer, you'll ensure more even coverage later when you spray with your finish coat.

Let The Paint Dry

You'll want to keep working on the kart / mini chopper far before the paint is dry. You want to let your paint cure before you get back into mucking around with the frame. If you don't, you'll get a finger prints, dulled finish, or at the worst you'll scratch off some of the paint. Do yourself a favor and let it dry. Give it more time than it calls for.