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Live Axle Aluminum Wheels For Go Karts

Racing Style Cast Aluminum Racing Wheels

Aluminum wheels look sharp, are tough, and ultra light.

These two-piece split rims have bead-biting edges to prevent slipping under high speed. This wheel is for a LIVE AXLE, and has steel inserts where the bearings would usually go.

Bore is a 1in. to 3/4in. step. The entire wheel is a 3in. width.

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You can't get a better looking go kart wheel than these aluminum babies! Cast from high grade aluminum, they are tough, as well as great looking racing style.

If you are looking for aluminum wheels for bearings, we have those too. Use the menu at left.

You'll need tubes for the rims. Get them, and slicks, and you'll be ready for pavement gripping power that your engine can produce.

Because thes rims are for the live axle set up, we suggest using a differential on them. The aluminum is tough. However, if you're going to be using the live axle kart off road, we suggest a steel wheel that can be bent. Aluminum may be tough, but it will break, not bend.