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Drive Wheel and Hub Combo

Dual Flange Hub and Split Rim

This combo is for the drive wheel. Set comes with everything you need for the drive side, except the sprocket and brake.

The split rim comes with a dual flanged fixed hub. Tire, tube, and 3/4" ball bearings included. Hub is a 2 13/16 inch standard bolt circle. Fits standard sprockets and brakes.

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Combos are a great money saver.

This combo has everything you'll need to set up the drive assembly. You'll just need to complete the set with your choice of sprocket that will mount to the 2 13/16 hub.

We also have a sprocket assembly, but you're free to get your own sprocket with this combo.

After the sprocket, the drive wheel can be finished off with a band brake. The drum mounts to sprocket/hub assembly.

A drive wheel will take much more abuse than the other wheels. We strongly suggest using slicks if you're on the pavement. They are four ply and last a lot longer than other tires.

Also, be sure that you buy a large enough wheel that will allow the sprocket enough room between it and the ground. A small wheel doesn't provide enough clearance for even the smallest rocks.