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Wheel, Hub & Sprocket Combo

Fixed Axle Go Kart Bearings

This combo is for the drive wheel. The full set comes with everything you need for the drive side except a brake.

The standard split rim is mounted to a dual flanged hub, which holds the 60 tooth sprocket. Use #35 chain. Tire, tube, and 3/4" ball bearings included. Hub is a 2 13/16 inch standard bolt circle. Fits standard band brakes.

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This combo is a complete drive assembly, save a brake. You'll need to purchase the band brake separately and mount it to the sprocket/hub combo.

The bolt circle is a standard 2 13/16.

Your drive wheel will take the most wear, especially on pavement. We suggest replacing the knobby tire with a 4 ply slick when the old one wears out. They'll give you a longer life on hard pavement.