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Hubs for Go Karts and Mini Bikes

You'll need a hub for the wheel/axle connection

The hub, whether on a live axle or a fixed axle, is the piece that connects the rims, sprockets, and brakes together or to the axle.

For a fixed axle, the hub contains a set of two bearings. The wheel mounts to the hub, and the bearings ride on the axle. To connect the sprocket or brake drum, you use a dual flange hub and mount direct to the wheel.

A live axle has a key way of 1/4", and wheels, sprockets, and brakes all mount individually to the axle on their own hub. The bearings are not part of the hub -- the axle itself rests on bearings and everything else mounts on that rotating axle.

For live axles, the hub bolt pattern is generally 4 bolts on a 4" bolt circle.

For fixed axles the hubs take 5/8 or 3/4 bore bearings. They mount up on a 4 bolt pattern with a 2 13/16" bolt circle.

The bolt circle is the distance between two opposite holes (the farthest apart way, not the holes adjacent).