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60 Tooth Sprocket

Mini Bike 60 Tooth Sprocket Mini Chopper

This go kart sprocket is the standard size and chain size for most projects.

The 4-hole bolt pattern mounts to 2 13/16" hubs. Made in U.S.A. Sized for #35 chain pitch. 2in. center hole. Outside diameter: 7 3/8in.

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A 60 tooth sprocket, paired with a standard go kart clutch will turn around 30 MPH flat out.

If you use this sprocket and a 12 tooth clutch, that's the speed you can expect. If you run a torque converter, you can probably go even faster.

This sprocket is usually mounted to a dual flange hub, and then to a band brake hub. Careful using a 4" wheel -- the sprocket is almost as large as the tire.