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54 Tooth Sprocket

Fixed Axle Go Kart Bearings

This sprocket is for #41 chain. 54-teeth. Full outside diameter is 8 3/4in. 2in. center hole.

If you need a 35 pitch sprocket, check the 60 tooth version.

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Coupled with a centrifugal clutch, this sprocket will get you moving at around 30 MPH on the very top end. That's fast -- and will seem all the more so when you're only inches from the ground.

Chain and sprocket sizes differ based on what's known as the pitch. That's the spacing of the teeth. A 40, 41, and 42 pitch has teeth that are farther apart and slightly larger than a 35 pitch.

One isn't necessarily better or worse, though the 40 series is a little larger and heavier. Most people seem to use the 35 pitch as the old standby.