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Wheel Sprocket - 40 Teeth

Small Go Kart Sprocket

This 40-tooth sprocket mounts to a standard 2 13/16 wheel hub. The low tooth number is useful if the project is making use of gear reducing jackshaft to gear it back up for faster speeds.

Takes #35 chain. 5 inch O.D., 2 in center hole.

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The higher the gear ratio, the slower your go kart will go. And if you're using a jackshaft, the gear ratio can be quite high -- higher than the standard of 12:60. So if you want more speed, you may need to use this 40 tooth sprocket instead of the larger ones.

A jackshaft will increase the ratio, sometimes as much as 1:1.5. So a smaller final drive gear will help to get that ratio back down to a roughly 1:6 for a top end of around 25 to 30 MPH.

There are speed calculators to actually find out the effect of all the different sprockets on the gear ratios. Consult them to know the exact ratio and speed calculations.