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Live Axle Sprocket Hub

Sprocket Holder for Live Axle

This live axle hub features 1in. axle bore and 1/4in. keyway -- standard for go kart live axles. Hub length is 1 5/8in. Mounts to 4-bolt circle wheel. Includes nuts, bolts and set screw. Outside Diameter: 5in.

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A live axle go kart will perform great on the off road. Both wheels are locked in to the axle and turn at the same rate. This means great traction since one wheel will be on the ground at all times.

However, when you make a turn, one of the rear wheels (the outside one) will have to turn faster than the inside wheel. With a live axle this is impossible. When on dirt or sand, the outside wheel can turn faster only because it is allowed to slip on the loose ground.

But on pavement, a live axle will get too much traction and you'll have a hard time turning. Use a differential or a fixed axle if you plan to be on the pavement.

A fixed axle will use a dual flange hub for the drive wheel that allows the sprocket to mount straight to the drive wheel.