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Fixed Axle Wheel Hubs

Go Kart Hub for Single Wheel Drive

Four-bolt standard go kart hub. Hubs are available in both standard sizes - 3/4in. bore and 5/8 in. for ball bearings.

These hubs have a grease fitting for longer bearing life. Single flange hub used for front wheels or non drive rear wheel. Not for the drive wheel.

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Free wheeling hub is a good choice for most go karts. Standard equipment for the front wheels.

This hub is for what is known as a fixed axle. That means that the axle doesn't turn. The hub has bearings that ride on the stationary axle.

This is the easiest way to design a go kart. Some karts, especially off road karts, use a live axle. This means that the hubs are locked in to the axle.

But a fixed axle not only is cheaper, but is a good solution for go carts that run on pavement.

This is because when you turn, one of the rear wheels must turn faster than the other. For independently spinning wheels, this isn't a problem. Live axle wheels have to spin at the same rate, however, and that makes turning very difficult on pavement. It's not a problem for loose dirt, where they excell.