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Go Kart Wheel Hub - Live Axle

Hub for Live Axle Wheels

Hub is a four hole pattern. 1 in. bore with 1/4 in. keyway for standard live axle. The hub is required to connect go kart wheels to live axle.

Hub has a standard 2 13/16 in. bolt circle to fit wheel rims or sprockets. Hub length is 2 1/4in.

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This live axle hub fits up to a standard go kart wheel or sprocket pattern. Does not fit a 4" bolt circle - fits the 2 13/16" circle.

Live axles provide the best traction. The hubs lock the wheels in to the axle, so there is always great traction, even when one wheel wants to spin.

However, live axles do have drawbacks. On pavement, the wheels can't spin at different speeds and therefore turning becomes more difficult. On dirt or sand this is not a problem because the go kart wheels can slip when they need to turn at different speeds, such as during tight cornering.

So, if you plan to run the go kart on pavement, you'll want a fixed axle instead. Or, you can use a differential axle, which will give you the best of both worlds -- traction and turning.