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Heavy Duty Centrifugal Clutch

Big Clutch For Go Karts or Mini Bikes

This centrifual clutch is made for demanding use. Comes in various bore sizes: 3/4in, 1in.

This clutch takes a 35 chain. The engagement is at 2400 RPM, and is for engines: 3-8 HP

This clutch is a heavy duty version of the centrifugal clutch. Check all the varieties to see what you'll need.

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Clutches come in various sizes.

A centrifugal clutch is the cheapest way to drive your go kart. A torque convertor will give you far more power, but costs a lot. The centrifugal clutch works well, but only allows you to drive at one gear ratio, which is the same to say that it only has one gear.

However, for on-road use, the centrifrugal clutch is a great choice. You can generally get the kart up to around 30 MPH with a 60 tooth rear sprocket. A 72 tooth sprocket will probably top out around 20.