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Centrifugal Go Kart Clutch

Cheap Clutch For Go Karts

This clutch is made by Hilliard, a go kart parts maker. Their Extreme Duty Clutches are designed for up to 8 HP Engines. Thermodynamic Clutch Shoe design increases the clutch’s capacity to absorb heat and provide a longer service life. Made in USA.

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If you have the money, consider getting a torque converter. They will provide more power, more speed, and more fun! But this is a great choice for go karts and will last for years.

A centrifugal clutch works by allows the engine to spin freely at idle. As the RPM increases, then the shoes of the go kart clutch get thrown outward by the centrifugal forces. At high enough RPM, they lock up with the bellhousing of the clutch. This then transfers the engine's power to the sprocket that's on the clutch, powering the chain and so on.

At partial lock up, the clutch will slip to some extent. This generates a lot of heat. You do not want to drive the go kart at partial throttle, because the clutch will not spin at high enough RPM to lock up. At this partial lock up the clutch will get very hot and the life of the clutch will suffer.

If you want to go slowly in a go kart, floor the throttle, let off and coast. Floor and coast. Don't drive at an RPM where you're not locking up.