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Torque Converter

Auto Tranny for Go Kart

Using a regular clutch only gives you one gear to work with. But a torque converter is like having an automatic transmission for your go kart or mini bike.

A belt and pulleys work together as a clutch and variable speed transmission. This system is weatherproof, completely mechanical and can be mounted in any position.

Unique design allows smooth shifting action between the system's high and low range in response to changing loads and travel conditions. Maximum 8 HP. Made in the U.S.A. by Comet.

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You will appreciate it if you get a torque convertor. They give you more power and speed without having to buy a larger engine. In fact, if building the go kart up, you could buy a smaller engine, and save money on that, then spend the savings on a torque converter. You'll go faster and have a great low-end pulling power for hills and off-road.