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Band Brake

Fixed Axle Go Kart Bearings

This is a 4in. external band and drum kit.

Reliable, cheap, and easy to install, the band brake is the old standby of kart building. Though incredibly simple in design, they work well.

The drum diameter is 4in. O.D. and the band is 4 13/16in. O.D. The total width is 1 inch. Use with the brake rod or brake cable.

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This mounts directly to a single wheel drive sprocket. If buying the pieces individually, you'll need a dual flange hub with a 4 bolt circle of 2 13/16. The band brake can mount to the side of a sprocket that is mounted to a drive wheell, or it can mount to a non drive wheel. Most people put it in the drive wheel for simplicity's sake, as there is less brake cable routing.

You can use brake cable or brake rods to hook this up. However, make sure if using cable that it has the correct ends on it. Throttle cable has a different end on it.