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Live Axle Disc Brake

Disc Brakes for Mini Bikes and Go Karts

The disc brake is the best style of brake for karts and bikes. However it requires plenty of room because you'll need to mount the separate disc to the live axle.

Kit comes with caliper and disc. Mounts to 1 in. live axle. Replacement pucks available. Ultra-fast stopping power.

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The disk brake will work very well for go karts or mini bikes. They also look very cool. If you need lots and lots of stopping power, you can run dual disc brakes.

Because this system mounts to a live axle and not a fixed axle, you'll need to find another solution for a fixed axle. Some people have been reported to run the disc brake caliper on the sprocket of a fixed axle and not use a separate disc. This can't be recommended, but is mentioned if you'd like to do more research on it.