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    Hyped Up Yerf-Dog 3200

    Got my seat in from Jegs, not really amazed with the quality, but for 54.95 SHIPPED, i cannot complain. 5 gallon air tank from tractor supply(20 dollars) soon to be tranformed into a gastank(got the idea from a user named Newrider?)
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    ATV suspension

    i can't really get a good photo of the bottom, because it's sitting pretty low since i cut the shock mounts off, but i threw in a photo of how it attaches at the bottom.
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    ATV suspension

    i'm in the process of doing so.
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    Hyped Up Yerf-Dog 3200

    All this began as a single a-arm yerf-dog 3200 with a 6.5 honda clone and a torque converter, but i was obviously too rough on it causing the entire rear to just be shredded to peices, the rear swingarm broke in FOUR places, and the swingarm attachment point broke straight off, rear cross member...
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    Found Bad*** Briggs and Stratton Electric motor in garage.

    so, i was digging around in my grandfathers garage, and came across a Briggs and Stratton "e-Tek" motor, i'd like to use it for an electric cart because from what i read, it's a MONSTER, i made the mistake of holding it and attaching it to a 12v battery and it ripped straight out of my hands(and...
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    Chinese "Zongshen" 250 engine wiring..

    So I have a Chinese Zongshen cg250 engine and I'd like to know what wiring i NEED for the engine to run and the starter and what not to work... i have the coil, the CDI, the starter soleniod, that's all i need for proper function, right? i need to know how to hook them up
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    Dual A-Arm Spindle

    Does anybody happen to have a template or sketchup of a spindle bracket for a dual a-arm set up?? Something along these lines......
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    Why does everyone look down on band brakes?

    From what i've seen here, everyone seems too discourage using band brakes. I'm not sure why, I own a Yerf-Dog 3200 with a 4 inch band brake and the band is MORE than able to lock the rear tires up on concrete,dirt, and gravel.. Don't blame it on the product, blame it on your ability to set it...
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    Gearing to sling mud all over the place.

    I have a manco 485 go kart with 16 inch tires and a tecumseh 6 hp whats the lowest i could gear it with still having a speed of around 20-25MPH i dont really care for speed anymore, but i want somethiung that will throw mud all over the place
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    help me identify this kart?

    can anybody tell me what company made this go kart
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    Old V-plex Clutch?

    I found an old briggs tiller in the shed, and it has something that loooks like the driver from a torque converter on it ...on the front of the says V-Plex I8c5a24 HAGERSTOWN INDIANA, U.S....anybody have any clue what this is...ill get pictures tommorow
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    chainsaw powered go kart

    can anybody find and information for a poulon model 61 chain saw its really old and its pretty big just wanting to see if would be good to use on a go kart
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    gear eduction on briggs and stratton?

    can anybody tell me what reduction the gearbox makes? like 2:1?
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    belt tensioner clutch problem

    do they make 10 " pulleys with a 4 bolt pattern?
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    bird mfg stock engine

    could anybody tell me what engine came stock on most bird MFG go karts? becuase i have a honda 5.5 and it will not fit on this go kart at all. i do not want to modify the mounting plate .i would like to restore it to stock.