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Go Kart Slick Tires

Racing Style Slicks

Tires come in three main styles, with the slick as the longest-wearing, best choice for most applications that will involve pavement.

Tires are available in three sizes - 410 x 350 x 4 (four inch rim) 410 x 350 x 5 (five inch rim) and 410 x 350 x 6 (six inch rim).

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Slicks last a long time.

These are a four ply tire. They wear very evenly and will be a great value.

Tires come in different sizes, based on the wheel rim that they will fit. The numbers on the tires tell you what rims they will fit. The last number tells you the diameter of the rim.

The most common wheel is probably the five inch 410 x 350 x 5. For pavement-only use, you could also use the four inch 410 x 350 x 4. However, the total diameter is only about 10.5 inches, so it may be a tight fit with a 60 tooth sprocket, and a 72 is out of the question.

Six inch rims (410 x 350 x 6) are a good choice for knobby tires because you'll have more clearance on the off road conditions.