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Knobby Tires Offroad Style

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These studded tires are great for on and off road go karts. Can be used on mini-bikes, go-karts, lawn equipment and hand trucks.

Tire size: 410 - 350 x 5. Total outside diameter - 11.5in. Depth of tread: 3.2MM.

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Knobby tires are good all around tires. They won't last as long as a pair of slicks do on the road, but they are a good choice.

The numbers on the tires tell you what rims they will fit. The standard go kart takes a 410 x 350 x 4, a 410 x 350 x 5, or a 410 x 350 x 6. The last number tells you the diameter of the rim.

Six inch rims (410 x 350 x 6) are a good choice for knobby tires because you'll have more clearance on the off road conditions.

A five inch rim (410 x 350 x 5) is probably the most common. The four inch rim is for on-road only. Also, make careful note of the diameters of the tires, and the diameters of your sprockets. A four inch rim will be a tight fit, and too close for most off road use.