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Go Kart Tie Rod Kit

Steering Kit

Rod has long threads that may be cut to correct length. 5/16in. inside dimension, 24 threads. Kit contains one rod and two ends.

The tie rod connects the front steering spindles to the steering shaft (Pitman Arm). One is needs for each side, and for two seat go karts the right side is longer than the left due to steering offset.

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Adjustable tie rods are needed for the toe-in adjustment.

The toe-in adjustment angles the fronts of the wheels in slightly, and bumps out the rear of the wheel. Though the wheel doesn't run true, it makes for more responsive steering.

You'll want the same amount of toe in for each wheel, and therefore each tie rod is adjustable.

Should the tie rod be too long, a hacksaw can be used to cut it to size while maintaining the sharpness of the threads.