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Steering Spindle

Front Axle Steering

Spindles function as the front axles. Jig welded for accuracy, spindles require fixed axle hubs for the wheels.

Spindles are 4 1/2in.L x 3/4in. dia. You need one left and one right spindle to mount front tires and steering tie rods. Thread Length: 1 1/2in. Capacity: 200 pounds each.

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It's important to note that even if you're using a live axle in the rear, your front wheels will be on fixed axle hubs. The spindles are widely available in 5/8" or 3/4" axle diameter, and you'll need to match your bearings to this axle size. Make special note on the sizing.

Spindles connect to the tie rods, and then in turn to the steering shaft. The tie rods will allows the spindles to be adjusted in and out. This adjustment is widely known as "toe in" adjustment. By giving your go cart toe in, you'll have better handling.

Toe in means that the wheels do not run perfectly straight. The fronts of the wheels slightly point inward and the rear of the tires slightly point outward.