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    Happy 4th of July

    Just to wish all American forum goers a happy 4th of July. Stay safe. -Jcotz
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    Engine problems

    Hi, right now I am having a problem with my tecumseh 3.5hp engine on my mini-bike. It starts up well, and when I give it gas it works, but when I decelerate and fall back to idle it stalls out. I suspect it is running lean, but I just cleaned out the carb and replaced the float, so I don't know...
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    Engine Problems

    Hi, I have a 3.5 hp Tecumseh on my mini bike, and when I went to start it up I noticed it was leaking gas from the carb. It didn't look like there was any sort of puncture in the bowl though. Does anyone know what is happening or how to fix it? Thanks.
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    Wtb Minibike in NY

    I am looking around for a mini bike or dirt bike in NY around Westchester. A minibike frame is fine. I am willing to go up to $300. I know that's not much but that's all I am willing to spend.
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    Old Kawasaki Carb Cleanout

    Hi, I just recently decided to clean out the carb on my old Kawasaki FA130D 4 stroke. From all the videos I have seen on cleaning out carbs almost all of them have been for carbs with bowls, not carbs directly attached to the gas tank. So I was wondering, what would be the best way to clean out...
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    Drifting On A Go Kart

    What, exactly is the correct/ right way of drifting in a car or go kart? Is it when you slide around the whole turn with momentum, or is it just kicking out the back wheels?-I was just sort of wondering.
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    Lifan 125cc

    For the lifan 125cc is what is included in this link all I need? I want to make sure that this is the full package...
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    History Of Governors

    I was just wondering, at what point did governors start being put in small engines? What was the original RPM limit? Would a really old engine have no governor? Sorry for all the questions, I was just curious.
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    Minibike Advice

    Okay, this is what I have been planning to do... -Buy this kit... -Put on this motor -Make a throttle, and shifter linkage -Make...
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    Quick Question

    I see that on the home page of this website, motorized bicycle kits are being sold. Does anyone know the quality of these? I have heard about some Chinese bike engine kits being very bad, and I wasn't sure. Also...would 66cc be a big enough engine to power a person at maybe 15? (a light person)
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    Shifter kart gearbox question

    I have been doing some research on shifter karts and I was wondering how their gearboxes work. I have seen ones with 5 or 6 speed gearboxes, and I am partly curious, and partly interested in seeing if it is worth it to buy one.
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    Gearing Question

    Okay, right now my kart has a 12 tooth clutch and a 60 tooth sprocket. It also has 11 inch tires, do you guys think that a 6.5 hp engine would be enough to get it up to 30 mph and still have some torque?...Or what gearing/hp would you recomend?
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    New Engine

    Hi, After receiving a gokart for free, cleaning it up, and replacing a few parts, the clutch stopped working...I looked everywhere for a chain and sprocket clutch that had 7/8 bore. After not finding any, I am thinking of biting the bullet and getting a new engine. I would use the old one for...
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    7/8 centrifugal clutch

    Hi, I am new here. Over the summer I received a 15-20 yr old kart from a friend. So far I have repainted, remade the seats, gotten a new starter and done some basic maintenance. The engine runs fine, but the clutch is very old and worn. I was going to try and replace it, but when I tried to...