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Cut Off Switch For Bikes/Karts

The Go Kart Kill Switch

Spring loaded, ground contact switch fits 7/8in. and 1in. frame or handle bars. 36in. shielded lead wire with spade end.

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For safety you'll need this cut off switch. If you crash or if the go kart gets out of control, you'll be able to cut off the engine with a simple press of a button.

The cut off switch is an often overlooked part on a go kart. But don't forget it! Even if there is a mechanicaal switch on the top of your engine, you should get one of these cheap switches. It keeps your hands away from the hot engine, and means that you don't have to turn around in the seat to turn the engine off. Just press the button and you're done.

For a go kart, mount the switch on the steering column for easy access. You'll just have to just reach down and then you'll be able to turn off the go kart quickly.