2020 - Excalibur Electric Racing kart

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I could not understand why did you have to put the front wheel at an angular position and also inward. Sorry to annoy but a newbie here.
Very good question ;)

It's called Castor & Camber
Castor, from what I understand, setting the castor angle a few degrees (usually ~8* - 10*) toward the back, just aids the steering in "auto-centering"
...ta help ya go straight & it not drive all "squirrely" (technical term)
So, the more degrees ya set 'er back
...the faster & harder it wants to "auto-center" or "self-center"

*Think like a house door mounted in a crooked frame
Because it's on a bit of an angle (the castor set a few degrees back) it doesn't want to stay open
...& just keeps wanting to swing shut (auto-center)

Camber, If the wheels are angled outwards (even just a bit) they tend to make the steering kinda "squirrely"
If the front wheels are angled inwards (just a bit) it seems ta help stabilize the steering.

Having both front wheels "in alignment" will usually work fine on most karts
...these adjustments just help to "fine tune" the steering :thumbsup:
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I’ve got some race karts if you want to see how competitive it is ;)

Seriously though, if you need some measurements, pictures, or any other references from any of my frames I’d be glad to get them for you, it’s awesome that you’re building your own. It may be a beast.

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Fwiw, this is my favorite racing related song of all time.
Could you share some designs with me