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    New here. Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    Soaked in gas.

    Once the chain is clean, you need to lube it again. Gas will strip the chain of any type of lubricant.
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    Having a mind freak moment...

    Wat is your gearing like? Give us the tooth counts on your sprockets. If you are geared too high, this type of thing can happen
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    Me myself @i

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    Hello everyone I am new and I write from oaxaca mexico

    Welcome! Post some pics of your engine so we can see what you have
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    Yard Track upgrade

    That track is going to be sweet!! :D
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    Awesome work again FA!! It always amazes me how quite electric is :D
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    Dark mode

    Hey there. I will ask the site owner/admin if there is an option in the background that can be enable to give you the choice.
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    Ground up build

    Welcome to the forum! I look forward to seeing this build Those tyres look suspiciously like Harbour Freight dolly wheels, which are a enormous No-No because they just fall apart in 5 seconds. Where did you get them from, and are hey gokart tires?
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    Hello from Minnesota!

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello! Finally doing it

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    gc160 pressure washer

    The exhaust on these engines point directly at your head, so unless you can somehow make a new exhaust and reroute it another way, then you are going to have problems. The shaft is also a smaller size, making it hard to find appropriate clutches