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    Minibike build

    front.. its hard to find "normal" tyre for minibike here so going to use go-kart narrow tyre.. initial paln was to use rear tyre and hydraulic brake but that would be too much wide .. also , I wanted to have fron susspension, tryed few types, but it's just...
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    Minibike build

    I do not like original fuel tank so maybe to use this one (at least to fill the gap between engine and seat)..
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    Minibike build

    frame... didn't like first version .. so changed a bit... and then , wheel was hitting a frame (03)... so changed again .. still going to be tight ..
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    Minibike build

    so first started with sprockets for TC... since last time I use it I had few kilos less ... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: also had to make hub for rear sprocket..
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    Minibike build

    so, as there was lots of parts from past or broken projects , decided to build mini bike .. plan was to post it in build off thread but as ther is no 2021 , I will psot it here.. as I said , some parts I already have, somo of them are ordered , mostly...
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    Announcing DIYGK's 2020 Champ!!! GegCorp!

    Congratulations, great build.. when 2021 build off will start? :sifone:
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    Quick bits

    if eating my dust is rivalry ...
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    Buggy badland ST3

    hi.. as my last year contender failed ( ) I started new project .. There is video of progress so far : instead 5 speed suzuki DR600 engine, plan is to use scooter engine (with built in torque...
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    DIY 5 speed shifter kart

    do you missing clutch or stand switch ?
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    smilie test

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    Tractor guys thread

    do you have this in the States ? :D
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    Tractor guys thread

    well... this is Tomo TV521, I bought last year .. it is 40yrs + old .. few pict and restoration video ..
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    2019 - Buggy DR600

    Hi everyone This is my entry for 2019, but I will not finish it this year, hopefully for next year... The plan is to build two seater with 5 speed motorcycle engine, independent suspension.. Engine donor is Suzuki DR600 and for suspension parts I used seat Ibiza... For frame, plan is to use...
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    Noob questions - buggy

    Hi .. so plan is to build buggy, two seater, A-arms front suspension and swing arm at back with solid live axle. it will be used on gravel , grass and tarmac, no heavy dutty offroad.. it should look a like spiderkart grand daddy but slightly bigger as...
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    Trike - gx 140

    so, after my nephew crashed my kart, it sits around backyard for 2 yrs now (kart, not nephew ) and I decide its time do something about it .. few pictures below :