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    Bird Engineering Starbirds

    It will sell for whatever someone is willing to pay, so set your prices accordingly. And a fool and his money are soon parted.
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    Unknown kart brand

    It's a Go Power Sports kart, says so right on the front in plain English. 🤪 It's a rear engine racing kart of some kind and just about any racing rims and tires would do {narrow front, wide rear}. You'll need hubs too, typically a 3-bolt hub.
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    $10 ebay tach/hour meter instructions gibberish, this video actually explains it...............

    Never had any problem with mine except for the fact that they are slow {and cheap!}. Make sure you buy the ones with the replaceable battery {removable battery cover on the back} and not the sealed ones with the "lifetime battery". :mad2:
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    Help please

    Agreed that it's a model 297; seems to be a lot of these turning up recently. There's nothing really to restore there, that kart looks ready to go. Hell, I even like the zebra paint scheme--that is someone's custom handiwork. Maybe you mean Resto-mod maybe, or just rebuild/repair. And that's...
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    Predator 420 Hard To Pull, Sputtering

    Man, this is a sad sad thread. Sorry to hear such misfortune. Were you running it with enough oil?
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    Exhaust pipe (with photos)

    Start another ruckus, start another ruckus! I didn't know you were so troublesome... What some may call a ruckus, others may call just a discussion. Sounds like his issue may still persist. With a centrifugal clutch start-offs may be slow but with a TAV it should be pretty gutsy and...
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    CL SCORE!! He contacted me!

    A little late to the party here, but I can ID the kart {somewhat}. It's a kart made by Brister's Thunder Karts, Inc. of Roseland, Louisiana {now defunct}. I think people just call them all Thunder Karts. This is a similar one that KartFab...
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    Manco Reproduction Decals

    A pic of the actual decal but it's blurry. Might be intentionally blurry to prevent copying. No way in hell am I paying $130 for this though:
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    Exhaust pipe (with photos)

    The straighter the pipe, the better. The only reason it should be 40mm is if that's the size of your exhaust port. And since there's no pics, I will assume it's not only L bent, but has a 90 degree right angle instead of more of a gentle J shape. Never write first, then add pics. It...
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    Crank cover tolerances, Permatext gasket

    Not at all. That's 'old school' and what the old hot rodder guys used to do to save the gasket and allow multiple part changes. I think it was done more for accessible things like the carburetor, so they kept taking the carb off and putting it back on for tuning and rejetting. I think the...
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    Vintage Kart ID

    No such thing as a Restoration using non-original parts, so it's doubtful it had a Honda GX engine on it to begin with. I don't think the word "restore" means what you think it means, lol Wait, I can't even tell there's a kart there. :ack2: CAn YoU dO a whOlE SeRiEs of photos of the kart all...
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    Pedal ?

    To the OP pearl111, I have similar pedals on a stock Ken-Bar kart and they're oriented the same way as yours and the photo in post #4 and have never been removed or altered. But photos on the interwebz show Carter Brothers karts with the pedals mounted inboard so I suppose it's your choice...
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    Pedal ?

    They look right and "factory", if a little bent outwards towards the wheels. You can bend them back or buy new, to wit: They should be oriented just as in the photo at the link or below... So I disagree with the two fellas above and do...
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    Manual brakes

    That mechanical caliper provides a little leeway and can adjust {manually} for discs of different widths. I have that caliper. Between the fixed brake puck and the moving puck {retracted all the way}, I measure a distance of 0.28" or a little over 7mm {7.19mm} to work with. EDIT: Aaaand that...
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    Crank cover tolerances, Permatext gasket

    Let me jump in here and join the group admonishing you for using gasket-from-a-tube.:furious2: Nope, no way. You could be "messing up your engine" during this critical phase {break-in}, then you're going to finally "do it right" afterwards? What these guys are saying is you're {likely} out of...