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    2020 - Joe-405’s Mini Dragbike !

    yeah im the buddy with stuff. i wonder if thats the only reason i have friends 🤔
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    overcomplicated thoughts

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    Announcing DIYGK's 2020 Champ!!! GegCorp!

    "The inverted drift trike" is a propper name for it
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    Gaming Chitchat

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    The new guy

    what kind of kart did you have in mind?
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    Quick bits

    seems pretty awesome
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    Really cool '' bad @$$'' photo shopped pic. I found.

    honestly that seems like to much power for a go-kart with that wheelbase
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    Quick bits

    lol you just built this in a day????? its taking me since april 2020 to finish my wooden go-kart lol
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    Quick bits

    more successful than mine, thats for sure
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    Gaming Chitchat

    dells are very picky about what power supply you give it. Also if i do get it, i'll probably add an AMD radeon vega gtx which is on my laptop and works really well.
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    Gaming Chitchat

    I'm planning to buy a mid range MT desktop and make it into a beast of a pc so I can finally have a decent setup. This is the pc i plan on upgrading, i honestly have no idea what to expect...
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    Announcing DIYGK's 2020 Champ!!! GegCorp!

    that thing is awesome.
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    Getting this go-kart running for my granddaughters

    sounds like me racing the go-karts at boomers lol