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    Quick bits

    man I missed all the fun I have no idea what this terrible thread was.
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    A humble learner....

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    Newbie from Honolulu, Hi

    welcome to the forum!
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    Colder than a well diggers rear in a Siberian suburb !!

    yesterday we saw 18f so that was kind of nice, but I hope the snow stays until I fix my snowmobile.
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    2019 - Yerf Doge

    um, well if I were you id probably start modifying lawnmowers until they are stupid fast then see what the local police say. but I mean that really sucks that you cant even ride your gokart around. are you allowed to like ride it in your friend's yard or not even that? what if you ratchet strap...
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    welcome to the forum! glad you are hear. I would suggest making a racing mower because you can get a used riding mower for like 50 dollars and then just pully swap it to make it go around 30mph then lower it and your set.
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    welcome to the forum
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    Colder than a well diggers rear in a Siberian suburb !!

    coldest so far was around -14 i think.
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    yea, I don't see this thing ever getting near traction! lol
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    Hey guys/ intro

    welcome to the forum, that looks like a fun build
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    Mango Dingo Build (continuation) 2021

    17<18 kid. I am 6 foot 3 inches and still cant drive legally. everyone always says I look older than 14 but I am not.
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    2020 - Chopper/bobber trike

    thats alot of motorcycles!