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    Throttle help

    wow nobody replied sorry about that, i doubt anybody active has a bug supersprint but it shouldnt be hard to replicate something that works
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    "SchizoBallz" kart build started......

    i have considered making a fuel gauge by doing that but have nothing but my mtd to do that on.but my craftsman has that same type filter and thats my gauge i guess
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    Tractor guys thread

    my john deere is loving this warm weather and my craftsman starts as usual but i put a battery on it and it doesnt charge whats up with that? its an older 10hp flathead tecumseh not super old has electric start and pull so its not the biggest deal ever. also i bought 3 snappers one is donating a...
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    Dingo's Offroad Mower Build

    im working on a mower that was said to go 38 but now its getting an old flathead so i hope it will move
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    Colder than a well diggers rear in a Siberian suburb !!

    JT 35F in indiana is shorts weather. 28f at 7 this morning and now its sunny out and the sky is clear, 33f at 9. i made this post at 930ish
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    What welder brand(s) are you using?

    i use a harbor freight welder no complaints does the job i have a class at school called ag power structure an ffa class so we use big ol miller stick and wire welders. so far we have only done stick and with all that power and how easy it is it has really helped learn welding on the little...
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    Airless spray gun - Is it any good?

    post a pic of it i havent seen them
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    Colder than a well diggers rear in a Siberian suburb !!

    we had frost this morning but otherwise it was like 25 or 30 this morning around 7
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    Quick bits

    im making sure i follow every drive your tractor to school day rule so i dont get in trouble and i cant get nothing to run so ill take my john deere
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    Dad needs help....

    is it even getting fuel do you know?
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    2020 - Joe-405’s Mini Dragbike !

    wow well whatchya buildin next?
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    "SchizoBallz" kart build started......

    are you going to update this thread or just make a baggillion posts in others threads?
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    ST2-NG Pre-build "Think Tank"

    yea it makes sense to keep machine costs down. i realised the way trail boss spindles are the struts are part of them are you usuing the spindles or just hubs or neither?
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    ST2-NG Pre-build "Think Tank"

    doesnt the 4wd model 350 trail boss have front disc brakes or drum?
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    Quick bits

    People drive combines typically so i dont see what the problem is officer i have a slow moving sign