Where is itsid?


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Mnts of the farthest NE TN you can go
Good question, one evening going down the rabbit hole of youtube I came across a video from India or close, guy had a 1cylinder trike thing and had a amr500 driven by the driveshaft.

Couldn't understand him at all, it flashed up the screen

When I looked amr500 up it is a small roots type designed for 1 liter engines.
So 2 big for ours, a supercharger is better all around, but will a tc handle one? Turbos already have engine wound up a tc fully engaged when power comes on


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Jacksonville, Florida
Found a guy on Youtube wiring a 120vac vacuum cleaner motor to the 12vdc battery on his small motorcycle to make a supercharger. Constant level rpm of his "supercharger" isn't what I can or would make work, but got inspired.
Certain I can use a vacuum cleaner motor, and run it with the built-in "pulley" on the end of the shaft that spins the beater bar via its rubber O-ring belt. No intercooler required for the low boost planned, just have to figure out how to get a pulley onto the 212 motor shaft.
Shaft is tapped for 5/16"-24tpi. Thinking a longer bolt than stock would allow attaching a drive pulley (one that lets O-ring belt ride on the bottom of the groove, not the sides) directly to the end, no balancing issues that way, whether on my CVT or on a common clutch. A bracket somewhere would hold the "supercharger", just need to do the plumbing from there.
Anybody have thoughts about my .036 main jet and .022 low jet? Much bigger than stock, but are they enough?


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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Hi everyone. I am all good

Alex. I'm glad to hear you are ok! I saw the flooding on the news 😱

What a crazy week last week was!!!

I'm in Pietermaritzburg, and it was a warzone here. The backstory is that the former president has been found in contempt of court for not giving evidence at a big court hearing that he is part of. He is/was as corrupt as you can get. He has been playing delaying tactics, but the court eventually said enough and sentenced him to 15 month in prison. He still has a huge following, even still in the ruling party of the ANC, and when he handed himself over, his followers said that they are going to protest and cause havoc until he is released. This was on Saturday 10 July. On Sunday, loads of people started looting shopping malls and warehouses and burning them to the ground :rolleyes: Durban and Pietermaritzburg were worst hit, as well as areas of Gauteng, which is the economic hub of the country. The rest of the country was fine. You were scared to leave your own house! The police were overwhelmed and the government dragged its feet in deploying the army. There were gunshots and bangs for the next few days. I live between two shopping malls, so i was seriously stressed about whether they would be hit too, as I live in the middle.

Because of the lack of police and army, the community stood together and formed Community Protection groups that did patrols and manned checkpoints in and out of out of suburbs. Private security firms stood by the community members too. It was crazy!!! Who thought that in a matter of 2 days we would be scared to go anywhere and patrolling the streets with neighbours. Major highways to the rest of the country were closed, so we couldn't even go anywhere.

With shops and malls being closed and/or looted and burned, there was nowhere to get food either. Distribution warehouses were also some of the places looted and burned. If you didn't have a few days worth of food you had to get from a neighbour. When things slowly opened up again, only select unlooted shops and petrol stations are open, and those were few. Lines stretching forever to get in. Just down the road from me i have several community checkpoints that you had to go through. Tractors pulled across the road with community members patrolling the streets. Town is finished! Nearly every shop looted and burned. Gunshots can be heard all the time. This town was filthy and dysfunctional to start with.....but now its terrible
I had bags packed to get flee my house with the dogs if I needed to. It was bad here. I keep on thinking of the rest of the country living pretty much blissfully unaware of the reality here where I am.

One good thing that has come of this is that the community has shown it can pull together and protect what is ours as well as help each other in need.

For a good laugh, have a look at this guy trying to steal a huge TV :D He has the news camera on him the whole time. You can skip to 7:45 to see it:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Hilarious, but sad!

I am all good though and things have settled down back to some veneer of normalcy. I attached 2 pics of the community roadblocks/checkpoints.



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