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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
All’s well. Don’t have any of my toys any more. Gave my buggy to my nephews who ended up selling it. My minibike got stolen from my storage unit along with my power tools. I’ve still got various parts laying around. I’ve still got my electric start / charging Hemi 212 with electric fuel pump.
I’ve got a TC with various pulleys, springs, and weights. I’ve been off work for over three months and probably looking like another month at least.

I’d like to build another mini with my time off. Always wanted to put this engine and TC on a MB200-2. But don’t really have the space to build, store, or ride toys at this apartment.

Went to Florida for a while a few weeks back. Otherwise been taking it pretty easy. Trying to expand my knowledge base watching YouTube videos on just about anything. Really enjoyed the Turbo smart car series PFISpeed did. Trying to beat the stock market on a day by day basis. Eating way more food than I should. Started balcony gardening. Planning my escape from Chicago....

How are things North of the wall?

And to keep things relevant to the thread topic...
My first engine thread “Hemi build #1” documented the whole process of me learning about small engines. Without that engine (that thread) I would never have learned to lay sh!tty welds. I would have never learned how to fix lawnmowers and snow blowers. I would never have been confident enough around engines to perform my own tune ups on my car. So my thread was most helpful to me. I did gather a lot of info from Bobs Karting forum and OMB forum.

Good to see you Bob! :D