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    4 Word Story

    to end this madness
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    4 Word Story

    ever finish this game
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    4 Word Story

    Thelonious recovered remarkable manuports.
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    New Engine has no thrust

    Get to rippin'!!
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    New Engine has no thrust

    To me it's not intuitive to assume the pistons are at fault. Start with fuel, air, spark.
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    New at building a Go-Kart

    The things at the ends of the axle are the hubs that the wheels bolt to. The extra gold shiny discs are the hubs that hold the sprocket and disc brake rotor.
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    Quick bits

    Why did you put a mailbox on your engine? :sneaky:
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    What is this setup coming from an oil fill?

    Today's words of wisdom: Follow the zip-ties. Always follow the zip-ties.
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    meatal working thread.

    Meatal Sandwich
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    Picnic table

    If I may ask, where do you live?
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    Golf Kart Vertical Engine Gearbox

    Huh. Well I figured you were beyond the point of expecting to find one part that offered the complete solution. The only shortcoming I saw with this RA gearbox was the HP rating. Smaller shafts and connections can be adapted with some ingenuity.
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    Go-kart engines not many people use but should
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    Just planning a new build, mindless exercise.

    For what it's worth, I recommend thin wood, it's lighter and more aerodynamic. And remember, every nail adds an ounce of weight. Thumbs up on the wheel choice, good for drifting, which is what everyone longs to do. You could call it "The Wood-Drifter". Get it?