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Old 09-05-2019, 03:55 AM
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Default Predator 212 revs full throttle in “run” position

I bought a Predator 212 engine for a mini bike. Recently got it mounted on the frame. Filled oil and gas. Fired it up. First pull.

I currently have a throttle cable/grips on order. So nothing hooked up in regards. But I have ensured that the lever is pulled back. It’s not open.

While I leave this choked, it runs but idles what sounds higher than normal. If I switch to the run position, it wants to take off on me.

I’ve seen a few posts online discussing similar issues, but I can find a solution. Looking for guidance. I’m no pro, but didn’t anticipate this trouble.

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Im sorry i thought about something else for a moment but you should just need to idle it down or if your engine is modified then its running rich at idle i believe. Im not 100% sure im still learning a little
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I'm assuming you haven't messed with the governor linkage and springs yet.. since you haven'T said so..
so that'd be an easy fix:
Quick test, reach under the tank (just right of the throttle lever) and find the governor lever..
check if you can pull it to the right under some springy tension..
if you can and the engine idle goes down significantly, you messed up the throttle linkages. just remove the tank and post some pics.

move all levers to the far right.

you can set the choke lever to a midway position if that makes your engine less scary atm

Now, find the black big headed screw on the back of your carb;
it'd be tucked away between the valve cover and the airfilter somewhat

see that one on the right?..

turn it so the engine speed goes down... ,
now put the choke lever in the run position (far right)
and repeat until your idle speed is nice and low.


PS otherwise you need to remove the air filter and post a few pics of your carb top view and what your linkages look like..
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Nut on top of the throttle lever not loosened?
Can you move the throttle arm easily? If you move it, does it spring back?
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Old 09-06-2019, 07:24 PM
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Sorry for my delayed response. Work has been busy.

I can take pics this weekend in daylight.

Governor arm under the tank is all the way to the right. I can’t move it further. Throttle lever is springing back freely with the newly installed throttle cable. I have turned the idle screw all the way to the left, so far that I backed it all the way out and had to thread it back a tiny bit. Probkem still persists.

As far as linkages, all I have done thus far was hook a throttle cable to the barrel but right behind the gas tank. There’s another further back towards the rear tire, but it’s not in use. Tension on the throttle cable and return springs seem good.

I did have the air intake taken apart to get to the carb earlier. I looked inside the carb while the engine was off and the choke was set to “run” and the butterfly opens and returns to the idle screw appropriately.

Again, I’ll upload pictures of anything that may help. I fear it’s a leak from somewhere. I sprayed carb cleaner around the engine while it was idling roughly trying to listen for a change to help identify a leak...no dice.

Thanks for the responses. I know my sons eager. But all in all, I guess it’s a good project for us to try and get done at this point.
Old 09-08-2019, 10:14 AM
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Good news. We got it. Replaced the gasket for the exhaust and the carburetor.

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