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Old 10-20-2019, 07:52 AM
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Default Odd kart wheels

My rear kart tires and wheels are going bad and I’d like to replace them. The problem is I can’t seem to find a replacement wheel that will work. My setup is a 1” axle with a key way, that drops down to a .75” axle that’s threaded for a nut. My current wheel has a 1” bore on one side with a keyway and .75” on the opposite side, and the whole thing butts up against the 1/4” shoulder on the axle.

Every wheel I find online simply has a 5/8” axle bore, or 3/4”, or whatever. I need a wheel that has this 1” to 3/4” bore with the keyway and everything.

If this truly is uncommon, is there a way around this, without taking the axle to a lathe and turning that area down to a consistent 3/4”, or apparently even more common, 5/8”? I guess bushings would work as well...
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actually step down axles are fairly common..
And I can't imagine step down rims are that uncommon tbh..

I know Azusa rims are available (http://azusaeng.com/products/)

but quite ordinary is to just install proper hubs, and use wheels matchings those hubs.
Hubs for step down axles are available about everywhere
(bmi, mfgsupply, omb, gps.. you name it)


if you can tell us what rim size you need/want, we might even be able to link you to
matching hubebd rims/wheels for a step down axle instead.

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I’ve been simply going off what I can find locally, which has just been wheelbarrow type wheel replacements.

Thanks a lot for those links. I think installing actual hubs and getting wheels to fit is the direction I’ll have to go. All I know is my current tires have an 11” diameter and I was looking for 13” or a bit more. I’ll also need to change my fronts as well so now that I have more info I’ll have to plan a bit more. Thanks again.
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