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  1. matman55

    Crazy Weather!?

    My pools about 70 degreaser right now. It's cold but I still jump in with my dogs. They act like it nothin'! I don't have a "good" camera!
  2. matman55

    iPod,iPhone, anything!

    Yup, and it just so happens said camera is jammed inside of a iPod touch 4th gen. So I went from a Caveman to a zombie teenager constantly plugged in. I like apple products for the most part. I just don't like being in the little box they put me in. I'de like be able to customize my ipod but oh...
  3. matman55

    iPod,iPhone, anything!

    Anybody got any tech-ey stuff the care to discuss? I don't have a "good" camera!
  4. matman55 toy...yeah.

    KITTEHHH!!!! I don't have a "good" camera!
  5. matman55 toy...yeah.

    I don't have a "good" camera!
  6. matman55 toy...yeah.

    So, looks like I can't say I don't have a camera I got a iPod touch 4th gen so I'm no officially with the times.
  7. matman55

    small engine fuel issuse

    Hey, i have a little 80cc 4stroke yamaha engine, and i cant get it to run. It will start on starting fluid and run for a few seconds depending on how much i spray. It will not run on its own will out the fluid. so that tells me its a fuel not geting through the carb issue. ive replace the intake...
  8. matman55

    Lawn mower gearing

    Hey guys, i just wanted to stop by and ask what are some common lawn mower geAr ratios. I tried coming up sith some myself but i coulndt understand it. I originaly thought i would use a 8 inch pulley for the engine, a slap a 5 inch on the transaxel. If i did that i would get 17mph with 18 inch...
  9. matman55

    im back

    so i got took of the two year at risk teen program and switched to the 6 month academic program in the military school i went to. im currently home on a 3 day leave for my birthday. im geting my ged in 6 months and then on my 17th birthday im goining the army, possibly learning how to maintain...
  10. matman55

    im back with gearing questions.

    so,im back. ill explain in other thred. ok, so i have a mower with 4 inch front pulley and a 9 on the back, i need to know how to calculate speed in 6th gear. currently it take 22 revs of the 9in pulley to make the 18in tire go 1 rev. i thought ide use a 10in pulley front and 2 inch on...
  11. matman55


    hey guys i just wanted to let you know that im leaving the site/or atleast becoming very very unnactive. im giving my laptop to a family member so acsess will be little to none. thank you for teaching me so much guys!
  12. matman55

    awards/ mower section

    is it possible to have best voted signature/usertitle. the reward could be a trophy in the sig or a exclusive user title? also what do you guys think about a section, or a sub-fourm devoted to lawn mower builds/questions.
  13. matman55

    Fourm game - Drive one, Live one, Crush one

    ok,so in this game you simply say which cars you would drive once, live with for along time, and which you send off too the scrap yard. motorcycles and other fourm of transportation count too. example. shelby cobra, nissan 240sx, toyota tacoma. i would reply saying ''live tacoma,drive...
  14. matman55

    rolls stang

    thought this was weird! amazing bondo work though!
  15. matman55

    google is watching you...!topic/youtube/evkJROB0ma0 i think im going to use bing from now on. know i know why ads that are related to what i have been searching keep poping up
  16. matman55

    honda gx160 uses(i need to know)

    does anyone know any good aplications for the honda gx160? like as in puting it on a bike,or gokart.stuff like that currentently the motor is being used on a power washer but the water pressurizing system is about to break so the engine needs a new use!
  17. matman55

    email hacked

    ok,so my email got hacked today, lucky it was just a seconed email adress i usedfor gaming nstuff,but it still had password stuff in it, who ever thehacker is they changed therecovery adress so retriving the password isnt an option. what should i do????plase help
  18. matman55

    1986 moto-4/badger

    ok,so my 1986 yamaha moto-4 80cc wont start,ive cleaned the carb and it still wont start. can i push start these things?It has a semi-auto matice gear box were you just hit the gas and shift gears without clutch. any sugestions?
  19. matman55

    the Banning game

    ok,so i got boared and thought of this in this thread we theoretically say we ban the person above(or below depending on how you veiw threads) you for some silly,stupid unrealated reason. ex: someone replys to this saying that ive been banned for [insert dumb reason here] then someone else...
  20. matman55

    scotts lawnmower

    my doll of a neighbor wants to give me her scotts riding lawn tractor mower, any sugestions on what to do with it beside making it redneck raceble and using it to mow lawns? i dont want it to sit and rot in her back yard but i dont want it to rot in my back yard! any c&c welcome.