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Old 10-29-2019, 07:44 PM
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Default Virago Engine in custom lawnmower

Alright So I built this behemoth right here. Still have to connect the steering and put an engine in it. I have a 85 Yamaha virago 750. I want to put that engine in, but it's obviously a shaft drive. How do I convert it to a chain or belt drive? I have read a couple of forums about it but they are all kinda confusing and don't really give a solid answer. I've already decided this is the engine I want to use. It's on a 4 wheeler frame. It used to be a cvt belt drive but I pulled that part off with the old engine, and now it's just the gear selector with s chain leading to the rear axle. I want to put this engine in front connecting it to the gear selector via chain or belt. Is there any sprocket or kit that could do this??
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Originally Posted by Duncanherbst View Post
Is there any sprocket or kit that could do this??
No. No there is not. Really that's the reason why this forum exists.
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