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Originally Posted by B.M.800 View Post
Would you happen to know if dremmel has a bit that would work?
I wouldnt mind experimenting on a clone I got...

im a detroit diesel engine tech so i get all my tooling through my tool guys. cornwell, matco, mac or snap on. heres a set that would be good for a dremel... just remember use plenty of wd40 or some other lube. i dip mine after every minute or so of extensive cutting. if its just trimming or light pressure being used on the tool then sometimes u dont even need to use lube until it starts to get clogged up with aluminum. as for an 1/8" shank to use for cartridge rolls well i dont know ive never seen any. remeber this is me basing all this off of if dremels use an 1/8" chuck. they may have 1/4" heads for them for all i know. worst case though get a 1/4" anvil and take it to a machine shop and pay them like 25.00 to have them take it down to 1/8" on the end that goes into ur dremel.